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We are honored that you are visiting our website and we praise the Lord for the countless number of God’s children who lift our ministry up in prayer every day.  It has been the prayers of His saints which have propelled this ministry through 50+ years and we are so thankful. We would count it an honor if you would add our ministry to your prayer list as well.  Dr. Williams has been serving the Lord in Evangelism since 1961 and in those years God has demonstrated His power and ability to save, keep and restore His own in miraculous yet simplistic ways. 

Prayer is every Christian’s privilege and honor as well as sustaining power to persevere faithfully for God.  We are exhorted to pray for one another in James 5:16; therefore, it is our desire to pray for your requests as well as to allow others the privilege to intercede on behalf of one another.  By clicking on the prayer request tab you will be able to submit prayer requests, and also pray for others.  If you prefer not to mention your name simply type in anonymous; God will know for whom we are praying. 

In 2019 God directed Dr. Williams to begin a Prayer Campaign called Kneel in Place of a Meal that is being used all around the world! You can read about it on the Prayer Campaign page.  Please prayerfully consider joining in this campaign.

“If America doesn’t pray, we are through.” ~Dr. Tom Williams

On this new website you can also listen to Dr. Williams’ sermons and his Facing Tomorrow radio broadcast by navigating the Radio Ministry and Sermon pages.  There have been many people who have told us they would like to listen to our radio broadcast, but they do not have the device to download our app, or a local radio station that carries our program, so we are thankful that we can now make it available on our website. We also put up our current newsletter in the Updates page. We send out our newsletter via email, mail, and now it's available right on our website! If you'd like to personally receive it, please subscribe and we will add you to our mailing list.


Again, thank you for visiting our website.  Please take a moment to browse through the various pages available.  We hope it will be a help and blessing to you in some small way.  May the Lord bless you today.