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We are honored that you are visiting our web site and we praise the Lord for the countless number of God’s children who lift our ministry up in prayer every day.  It has been the prayers of His saints which have propelled this ministry through 50+ years and we are so thankful. For the past 18 years God has asked me not to fly; therefore, Mrs. Williams and I have driven to all our evangelistic meetings here in the U.S. as well as to Canada and Mexico.  Over these many years I have, at various times,  asked the Lord for liberty to fly again; however, the answer was always the same, No, not at this time.   His ways are not our ways, and we may never know the reason for not being allowed to fly during the past 18 years.  A few weeks ago as I was meeting with God in my morning prayer time He said to me, Tom it is time to fly again. Praise the Lord!

We would count it an honor if you would add our ministry to your prayer list as well.  Dr. Williams has been serving the Lord in Evangelism since 1961 and in those 50+ years God has demonstrated His power and ability to save, keep and restore His own in miraculous yet simplistic ways.  God has shown Dr. Williams that prayer is the key to the Christian life and seeing God move. God has given Dr. Williams a Prayer Campaign called Kneel in Place of a Meal that is being used all around the world! 

“If America doesn’t pray, we are through.” ~Dr. Tom Williams